Aquabeads Nail Studio
- Disney Princess

Code no:35006

Aquabeads is the Original Water-Activated Bead Craft Kit! Since 2004, children throughout the world have created millions of Aquabeads designs. With the new Aquabeads Nail Studio line, you can make pretty Aquabeads nails by using just tap water to create and wear your creations!
The Aquabeads Nail Studio - Disney Princess includes Aquabeads nails and decorations for over 40 nail designs, worktable, plastic tweezers, water applicator with brush, stickers, and instructions. The shiny colour Aquabeads nails and decorations add glittery and shimmering feel to your Aquabeads nails creations!
Following the design sheet, create pretty nail designs featuring Cinderella, Jasmine, Aurora, Rapunzel, Belle, and Ariel. Using the water applicator, place the decorations on top of the Aquabeads nails to decorate and make them magically stick together! When the creations are completely dried after 3 minutes, carefully take the creation off from the runner so they are ready to wear! Aquabeads nails stay on your fingernails using water, with 3 minutes waiting time. When taking off the creations from your fingernails, gently push up the creations from the side. All Aquabeads nail creations are reusable and can be worn several times!
Includes Aquabeads Nails and Decorations for over 40 nail designs, worktable, plastic tweezers, water applicator, sticker, design sheet and instructions.
For children ages 4 and up.

【Box Contents】
40 Aquabeads Nails with Decorations in 8 colour, 1x Worktable, 1x Plastic Tweezers, 1x Water Applicator with Brush, Stickers, Design Sheet, Instruction manual
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