How was Aquabeads created?
Aquabeads is the world’s first ever water stick bead toy created by EPOCH in 2004.
First created in 2004, Aquabeads is now loved by children in over 40 countries and regions.
Aquabeads is a water stick bead toy that does not require ironing or stitching.
All Aquabeads products are made of non-toxic material and comply with toy safety standards around the world.
Aquabeads is the original water stick bead toy. Please be aware of products claiming to be compatible with Aquabeads.

How was Aquabeads created?
One day, R&D member at EPOCH in Tokyo was about to eat a candy, then he noticed that the candies were melted and stuck together inside the jar. The shape of the candies reminded him of a rabbit’s ear, then he had a lightbulb moment!
Wouldn’t it be fun to make creations using round beads that stick with each other?
Just like these candies did!
Inspiration is all you need!!
How does Aquabeads stick together with water?
One of the ingredients of Aquabeads is PVOH (PVA).
PVOH is used in daily life,such as glue or capsule for medicine.
When water is sprayed onto Aquabeads,this ingredientfuses and the beads stick to each other.
Unique Ingredient!

Our history

“Aquabeads” launched
“Bead Pen” launched
“Aqua Nail Studio” launched
“Jewel Beads” launched
“Polygon Beads” launched
“Beed Peeler” launched
“Pastel Color Beads” launched
“Flip Tray” products and
“3D series” launched
“Star Beads” launched
More and more new features to come!

Aquabeads products continue to
bring joy and creativity to
children all over the world!

The History of Aquabeads

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