Notice on products

Notice on products claiming to be compatible with Aquabeads

EPOCH COMPANY, LTD. is aware that there are numerous stick-with-water beads being offered world-wide by third-party sellers.

In the past few years, we have discovered numerous products claiming to be “compatible with Aquabeads”.

These products claiming to be “compatible with Aquabeads” are not provided by, sponsored by, or associated in any way with EPOCH COMPANY, LTD. Nor are they associated with its products sold under the trademark, Aquabeads. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the quality, or the safety of these third-party products, nor can we guarantee the compatibility of any of the third-party beads, or accessory products such as pens or trays.

EPOCH COMPANY, LTD. does not take any responsibility or liability for any damage or loss caused by the use of these third-party products.

First sold in 2004 as an arts & crafts range of toys created by EPOCH COMPANY, LTD., Aquabeads products are now sold in over 45 countries and regions.

Aquabeads products comply with the toy safety standards of all the countries and regions where they are sold.

The safety and quality of all materials used in Aquabeads products are guaranteed, and assured by toy testing based on the applicable toy safety standards of each country and/or region in which they are sold.

** “Aquabeads” is a trademark of EPOCH COMPANY, LTD.