Code no:31078
Zoo Life Set
Jewel Beads
This is the set for all animal lovers! Create 8 different zoo animals, like a tall giraffe, a colorful parrot, and an adorable kangaroo with her baby joey in her pouch! This theme refill set contains over 600 beads, including Jewel beads and Solid Beads to really make your animals pop. When done designing, just spray your creations with water, no heat is required. Suitable for all children ages 4 and up. Box contains 1 x Zoo Life Set

1)Contains over 600 beads in 13 colors, including Jewel Beads and Solid Beads! 2)You can make 8 different colorful zoo animals, including an adorable kangaroo and her baby joey! 3)Suitable for ages 4 and up
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